Believe it or not most brides out there are not the skinny size 0 models, but beautiful curvy women. However, what you see in magazines and on social media is not exactly the reflection of reality. Unfortunately, most designers also design wedding resses based on this ideal. There are very few designers who work with plus size models, which makes is difficult for curvy brides to find the perfect wedding dress for their big day.

This is how we come in the pictures and developed the website.

Our goal is to make our brides feel wonderful in the dresses we make for them.
The perfect dress enhances our most attractive areas of our bodies but also hides the ones we would not want to be seen.

To sum up, designing dresses that make our women feel confident and absolutely beautiful.

Brides can also have the option to order a custom-made design dress based on various sources of inspiration and personal taste that will suit their personality at the most.

Based on our many many years of experience, we find this option very important because when a bride puts her dress on for her wedding day, her smile also comes from feeling emotionally and physically confident in her wedding dress.

Our dresses can be ordered in any color and size as well.

We have been making wedding dresses since 2008. Our professional collaguages put maximum effort and attention to every detail when designing dresses for our brides. Quality is crucial, therefore we only work with the best quality of materials. The dresses are decorated with soft netting, beautiful laces that can also be custom ordered in every color you wish to think of.